About Minimalistic Movement

Siddhas fundamental perspective


If the purpose of meditation is to unravel ones shrouded divinity, one need not go very far. According to the Siddhas, the human body is a portal through which larger domains of our own being and of Being-ness are accessible. The human body is the only gateway to feeling, touching, surrendering and ultimately identifying with the totality of Being. 

Meditations belonging to our Siddha lineage are primarily body-based.The inner dimensions of the human body are in direct experience of the Primal organising force that incarnated it which is why meditations centred in the felt-sense of the body bring radical changes in our state of being.


Siddhas texts describe Man as a microcosm identical to the macrocosm. But Man gets sick and dies, while the macrocosm doesn’t. This nagged Palpandian for several years, the answer to which he found hidden in his journey as a healer, and personal sadhana.

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